DK Woodworks – Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Everyone has one.  You don’t talk about – especially in public.  In fact, you will deny its very existence while standing in front of it.  It is the junk drawer.  It’s your kitchen’s dirty little secret.  What’s worse – it isn’t alone.  It more than likely has isn’t cousins – the junk cabinet (you can identify it by the bob and weave technique you use to avoid the clutter avalanche that is eminent) and the spice/coffee filter/kool aid drawer just down the galley.

If this unhappy family resides in your kitchen, then it is time to consider upgrading your kitchen cabinets.  Clutter defines the poorly designed kitchen cabinet.  Everything needs its place.  Good kitchen cabinetry gives everything a home and improves the function of the entire room.

When designing your custom kitchen cabinets, we work with your needs in mind.  We consider space saving options to keep things organized – lazy susans, pull out drawers, and built in storage facilities.  We also consider how to integrate the custom cabinets with your home’s and kitchens style.  Whether it is shaker, arts and crafts, modern, or beyond, we can custom build it for you.

Call DK Woodworks today to transform your dirty little secret into your homes most pleasant surprise with our custom kitchen cabinets solutions!