You’ve spent years carefully honing your stash.  With each piece, you acquire the childlike glee in your eye as though it is the little red rider bb gun.  Your souped up entertainment components are a thing of glory, but good luck convincing her.  All she can see are the chords, mismatched black and silver boxes and blinking lights.  So how can you get her to allow it out of the stud lined basement, for a thing of such awesomeness deserves its rightful place in the home?  Get a custom built entertainment center.

An entertainment center will certainly mask any imperfections your loved one may be able to find and it can showcase your home.  At DK Woodworking, we work with you in the design process to help meld your new entertainment center into your existing room.  We understand how precious your equipment is and we understand the need for it to function well and occasionally be replaced or upgraded.

If you are ready to get your specially someone on board with your entertainment needs, call us today, we might be able to sweet talk her.