If every morning you brace yourself prior to entering the bathroom, then it is time for an update.  No one should ever have to work up the courage to go about their morning routine.  You know how it is; the battle zone is rigged with traps – blow dryer cords dangling all to close to the water supply, hair sprays and other flammable materials are paired on the vanity with curling irons and candles, and then there is the dirty laundry on the floor.  You’re right, rolling over and sleeping in until your spouse is out is going to make life easier.

Why fight it?  Fix it.  All your bathroom needs is adequate, well-made storage.  With the right custom bathroom cabinets, everything will have a home – laundry, blow dryers, hair products and more – and that means more floor and counter space.  Not only will custom bathroom cabinetry beautify and simplify, it will make your room easy to use and efficient.

Stop putting on a brave face every morning, call DK Woodworks today.  We work with you to make your space thrive.